Submission on TCDC Long Term Plan

Again we have submitted to Council on the LTP; identifying those issues our members showed concern over, and representing them in writing and in person during the hearing process.

The major item concerning members was the proposal to build a 'Regional Community Aquatic Centre' in Thames. After consultation with our members, we submitted on this subject as follow:

"With respect, the overwhelming position held by both the members of the Whangamata Ratepayers Association, and those Whangamata residents polled who are not members of our organisation, is that the level of use of an Aquatic Centre situated in Thames by Whangamata residents is minor in the extreme, and therefore not a valid option as a sub-regional facility.

"Committee members of this organisation have requested from council representatives, as part of this process, data in support of the statement that the current Thames pool is well used by swimmers from throughout the district, and have informed that such data is not available. In its absence, local polling has identified a small number of organisations that do access the Thames pool in winter months, but otherwise little interest.

"Recognising the need of local organisations (such as Whangamata Surf Life Saving, school swimming clubs and the like) it is unacceptable to make these (mainly) children travel so far to access a pool, and therefore there is presently underway a well-supported petition in support of council funding the upgrading of Whangamata’s local pool, to extend its use throughout the year. This Association supports this project, and requests council consider funding it with a small part of the capital expenditure saved through proceeding with Option B, as requested by this submission."