Newsletter July 2018

Whangamata Ratepayers Association Incorporated
P.O. Box 62, Whangamata 3643
Newsletter July 2018
STOP PRESS: New Chairman, Secretary & Committee Members appointed.
In the process of rejuvenating the association, and at the behest of the long-standing chair and committee, the drive for new leadership of the association has culminated in these new appointments:
Terry Wilson             Chairman
Lynne Wilson           Secretary
Gina Williams has agreed to remain in the treasurer role in the meantime to effect a smooth transition. Both Brett Wilson and John Rive have also agreed to remain on the committee in the interim to provide support and transfer of knowledge, while some new faces also appear on the committee, which is now comprised as follows (with new members in bold):
Terry Wilson, Lynne Wilson, Gina Williams, Brett Wilson, John Rive, Brian Grant, Tim Hart, John Spencer, Karen Spencer, Bill Watson and Mike Jeffcoat.
For many years your Association has been led and driven by a small but exceptional group of hard-working and engaged members, who have ensured residents and ratepayers have had a voice when appropriate. A number of these members have done their dash and identified that it’s time to pass on the mantel; in particular chairman Brett Wilson and secretary John Rive have for some time been looking for new blood to reinvigorate the organisation. In addition, the committee has grown older and smaller over the years, with no readily apparent heirs to take over the leadership roles.
The changes identified above are intended to breath new life into the Whangamata Ratepayers Association, to ensure there continues to be a credible and active voice to represent the residents and ratepayers of this fantastic town. The new appointees have taken up the challenge, are focussed on building on the sound foundation created by their predecessors, and growing the organisation towards becoming the credible and respected voice of the residential community.
We need to recognise and thank the past leaders and committee members who have given countless hours of their time over many, many years to ensure we have a voice; on behalf of all of you, I thank them for their tireless efforts.

At the recent committee meeting when these changes were put in motion, it was unanimously agreed that the over-riding issues facing Whangamata which should be the focus of the organisation’s efforts on behalf of members are:

  1. Stormwater Management
  2. Continuity of Power Supply
  3. Williamson Park Resource Consent

We have already taken up the challenge on these issues and are in discussion with the appropriate authorities; TCDC in regards to the recent and ongoing flooding events across the town and the above resource consent, and Powerco in regards to the electricity supply.

One of the challenges the association has faced has been appropriate communication channels between the committee and our members; in both directions. This has been addressed as a matter of urgency, and we can now invite you to engage with us more easily:

Please note the new web address; this has been changed from our previous hyphenated url due to technical difficulties.
Please engage on both platforms, share both channels with everyone you know with property in Whangamata, and generally help us to build a solid and reliable communication channel for and on behalf of the residents and ratepayers of this great town. You will find recently posted updates on meetings with TCDC and Powerco, information on how and when to submit on the Williamson Park resource consent, and the website provides mechanisms to join or renew membership, and/or to communicate directly with the committee.


And finally, to achieve success, to work effectively with local councillors and community board, influence outcomes, achieve a credible voice that has the ability to change or influence either TCDC or other organisations such as Waikato Regional Council and/or Powerco, we need to grow our membership base. We need more households to join us, so that we can credibly represent them now and in the future.
It’s only $10 per year; please talk to your neighbours, your friends, the people down the street! Send them to Facebook or direct to the website, get them to fill out the form and direct credit $10 to the association.

Every new member grows our ability to influence outcomes, on behalf of us all.
Terry Wilson

The whole is more than the sum of its parts" - Aristotle