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Council Submissions

Here is a list of current submissions Council (TCDC and WRC) are calling for feedback on.


Thames Centennial Pool

Closes 6 May 2024

What options are favourable to you? Should it be district-wide funded or locally funded? Have your say here.

Help spread the word, and share the call for submission on Facebook. 

WRC Long Term Plan 2024 - 2034

Closes 2 May 2024

Find out more about what WRC have planned for the next 10 years - and have your say.

Visit WRC LTP page.

Festival Crowd

Youth Festival

Closes 17 May 2024

TCDC are seeking submissions for a publicly notified resource consent - for a two-day outdoor youth festival/event at Aicken Road Sport Reserve, to be held on 30 and 31 December (plus alternative dates), for a term of 5 years.


Check out the TCDC website for further information and to make any submissions. Click here.

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